One Key To Rule Them All

Instruments: All
Skills: Beginner & up

11 keys for the lords of the jazz,,
7 for those just learning to read,
5 for the CAGED with some razzmatazz,
1 key at a time is all that we need

Thinking in terms of keys can be daunting.  It seems like some mysterious concept that everybody else can understand, right?  Fear not!  You too can understand how to play in a given key, how to think in terms of keys, and even create music in whatever key you want!

This class will start with the most basic of all keys: C Major.  We will explore everything from chords to soloing to composition, and all our efforts for this class will be in the same key.  Sounds too simple to be interesting? Think again!

Electric players, please keep your amps small.

$10.00 members
$15.00 non-members